Monday, April 25, 2011

Module 6

What is one new thing you learned in this module, or something that you knew but had forgotten?

Until I read chapter 10 in our textbook, I never really knew what all of the terms regarding computer security meant. I am familiar with terms virus, spyware and firewall. However, I was not familiar with some of the other terms such as worms, Trojan horses, logic bombs and bacteria.  It was not only interesting to me but a little frightening as well. 
There is a saying that says that ignorance is bliss and I guess it true to some extent because It is a little scary to me to see how many ways our computers and personal information can be threatened. 
Since beginning graduate school I feel like my computer is more of an appendage to my body than an accessory in my home.  I try to faithfully back up my computer, but it would still be devastating if something happened to it.  For this reason, I found the article entitled 10 tips to secure your laptop very useful.  This article contained very practical and simple steps that can be taken to make our laptops more secure.
This module was a good reminder to me of the things we all need to do to adequately secure our own information and the information of others. 

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  1. Yes, security and privacy are HUGE issues in healthcare technology and it can be scary when you think about it. These two things are moving targets and therefore makes them complex matters. Excellent work on your blog this semester. I hope moving forward you will get to apply what you have learned in your current and future practice.